Welcome to the future. Fully realize everything you envision consumer IoT to be.

The Pepper platform leads to profitability. It is a next-gen platform that enables any device, any service, any radio-frequency (RF). We ensure future-proofed and long-term IoT solutions. Pepper is a smarter way to realize IoT business potential.

Pepper Platform

The Pepper platform is a fully configurable IoT Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed to address your enterprise pain points.

Cloud-based and designed to scale

Whether it is optimizing an existing IoT rollout, or spinning up a new one, our platform and infrastructure is built to scale.

User and enterprise friendly
Made with your customer’s application needs in mind, we offer craft interfaces that are easy to use and can be customized for any device or service.
Strategically integrated and secure

Get support for any device, use case and RF protocol and benefit from a US based infrastructure.

Let's connect you to your preferred IoT solution.

Built for a smart ecosystem with secure cloud-based connectivity

Your customers can control their smart devices no matter where they are.

Keeping our data in the USA means cyber security is more manageable and more protected. Pepper offers 24/7 managed and monitored cybersecurity

Cloud-based scalability

Cloud-based services, including voice, alerts, rules, reporting, and video, are built to scale. Integration and rollout is simple.


With the platform outside of your organization, count on us to continually deliver improvements at high velocity without a burden on your team.


Achieve your IoT transformation. From intelligent lighting to intuitive appliances, the Pepper approach provides a clear, proven and secure path to a successful IoT implementation.


Transformative, adaptable UI because your customer’s experience matters

Your time to market is expedited because the Pepper product experience supports any type of device, service and use case. It’s a seamless way to expand and organize any range of devices, monitor activity, and allow users to take immediate action when needed while allowing for scalability as your product lines expand.

Pepper Adaptable UI

The Pepper UX is flexible and configurable.

Businesses can work with Pepper to modify the consumer experience, services and devices.

Consumers can then tailor the user experience to the way they want to control their smart devices.


At Pepper, we believe in setting the bar high, and strategically focused on user experience and a unique product roadmap from the start.

Our inventive design concept and a shrewd go-to-market strategy has resulted in incredible adaptability to respond to the rapidly evolving smart home marketplace. Read more about our industry recognition. 


Connection to the Pepper cloud means consumers can access their smart devices from anywhere. Stream videos, turn on the lights, set the thermostat and more, all from the Pepper UX on your iOS or Android device.

And this simple yet powerful solution allows enterprise brands to take advantage of interoperability across IoT devices and services.


What’s IoT without video integration?

Video support is an integral component of many consumer IoT solutions. This is why video integration is a key part of our platform. Using WebRTC we enable real-time video services.
Get our whitepaper to learn more about Pepper’s patented video solutions.

Welcome to a scalable and smart future.

Pepper is built to power and support millions of devices, from cameras to intelligent lighting to intuitive appliances. Our cutting-edge technology offers robust device extensibility, including video integration, so you never have to worry about being ready for the future, because you’re already there.
We make smart devices truly smart.

Custom firmware integration
Pepper develops firmware to support your devices, and new device categories are easily integrated.

Firmware API support
Pepper helps your development team create firmware using Pepper APIs.

Cloud-to-cloud integrations
Pepper leverages published frameworks to connect common devices.