We help businesses build and deliver scalable IoT solutions. 

As a full-stack, managed IoT Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), we’re passionate about ensuring our customers have a positive solution roll-out and they have profitable, ongoing operations. We set the stage for the future.

The Pepper process combines years of expertise with an IoT Platform-as-a-Service

This means you can go to market faster. Deliver a better customer experience. Maintain control while scaling to develop a sustainable IoT business.

We support our customers every step of the way, from understanding your unique business needs, to planning where to optimize your solution with third-parties.
We customize and implement the platform and work with you to onboard your customers. Leveraging your budget, our proven expertise results in speed to market and ROI.
Our customers benefit from a secure environment, ongoing support, and data that leaves you in control. The integrated consumer engagement capabilities and marketing automation enables monetization.

Auto renewals, reminders, and upsells

The Pepper team has done the heavy lifting thinking about how to get the best out of every device and integration opportunity. Our platform accounts for user journeys for subscriptions, cross-selling, and third-party services like financing or warranties. 

Examples of this type of integration include:


We empower successful IoT deployments.


Consumer engagement, notifications and automations

What if you could get most of your customers to subscribe to a service? Pepper uniquely positions you for consumer engagement. We work with you to understand the consumer journey and drive monetization.

Pepper’s consumer engagement tools can help you:

Send notifications

Send customized in-app notifications containing images, GIFs, video, or audio to any devices or mobile platform. Personalized and media-rich notifications can be sent based on the user profile or event information.

Know your users

Detailed user profile for everyone who visits your app; with support for storing demographic data (gender, age, location) along with all app interactions, campaign visits, and transaction history.

Automate campaigns

Automate routine campaigns or repurpose your most successful messages, all personlized on users’ behavior, location, and lifecycle stage.

Monitor activity

Track goals and measure deliveries, CTRs, and conversions for every campaign. Built-in reporting makes it easy.

Get feedback

Drive more ratings and reviews from the right audiences, and collect quantitative data and qualitative information easily. Or A/B test copy, creatives, or calls-to-action.

Reusable templates

Rich with ready-to-go templates and user journey flows; strategy is built in, we simply set it up for your context and needs.


Pepper's experience facilitates effortless migration

Whatever your use case, Pepper can help make your migration quick and easy. 

As the IoT industry continually evolves and new IoT innovations become available, customers have opportunities to improve and optimize their connected device architecture and platforms for managing IoT devices. Pepper has helped many companies easily migrate from their homegrown or third-party IoT platforms.

These customers migrated to take advantage of the security, scalability, reliability, and breadth and depth of Pepper’s IoT Platform as a Service, in the following scenarios:


Cap and Grow
Partner with Pepper to develop and power your new devices, retiring the legacy IoT platform when devices reach their end of life.


Legacy Support
Power new devices using the Pepper cloud, apps and firmware, and control legacy devices via a cloud-to-cloud implementation.


Device Conversion
Upgrade legacy devices to work with the Pepper cloud via an over-the-air firmware update.


Monetization is the foundation of IoT success

We help you tap into the limitless revenue opportunities consumer IoT can create.

This includes services revenues, third-party integrations, device sales, and more.

Pepper can analyze the data and then communicate with consumers to develop many new revenue streams.

Premium service margins can exceed hardware profits over the life of a device.


Beneficial Data

Managing an IoT system is key to any consumer service.

The Pepper system is set up to track consumer usage, application performance, network performance, and more. The data is collected and accessed via Pepper-developed management systems.

Pepper can also display data to our partners via sophisticated and customizable dashboards. Monitor and mine the data in a way that benefits you.

Pepper Beneficial Data
Pepper Support


The Pepper approach minimizes the burden on your customer support team.

Built to empower end customers with a self-service platform and allowing for the automation of support and engagement. We also can help train your tier-1 support personnel.

Pepper offers tier-2 support. We help your team with support services, create a knowledge base,  and develop FAQs so your team is empowered to serve customers.

Let's get you growing beyond your current IoT offering today!