Pepper is the future-proof solution to consumer-serving enterprises.

If your business wants to connect consumer devices, enable human interactions, and develop new consumer IoT capabilities,

Pepper can help.

Our IoT solutions address key customer pain points.

“We want to start rolling out IoT products and services but don’t know where to start.”

“We have a custom IoT solution but it’s difficult and expensive to maintain. How do we make it profitable?”

“We have IoT devices and a platorm but are facing scaling and security challenges.”

“Our custom IoT solution has become cumbersome and unsustainable to manage. There has to be an easier way.”

The Pepper solution is particularly well-suited to address the needs of...

Device Manufacturers

Smart device OEMs and ODMs need a platform to enable IoT functionality on their devices.

Pepper enables manufacturers to pre-integrate a software platform for their multiple devices.

This way you can deliver more services; and enable additional revenue streams.


Service Providers

Pepper can enable all service providers to succeed with IoT.

The Pepper platform enables private-label consumer IoT solutions. This allows service providers to control the experience and customize the functionality. The Pepper platform enables new monthly-recurring revenue streams and additional opportunities to provide services to the end consumer.


Many companies want to “connect” their products.

This could be a baby monitor that needs better video, a smoker that needs remote control capabilities, or some other device that needs to become IoT-enabled.

Pepper helps facilitate this evolution. Pepper’s cloud, apps, and device integrations enable “dumb” devices to become sophisticatedly smart.

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Whether it’s a store-branded solution or something else, Pepper gives retailers IoT flexibility and options.

Considerations for unique retailer IoT needs are built into the Pepper platform.

Let's connect your products to customers.