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IoT with added smarts

Brought to you by a team with plenty of bright ideas. We created Pepper to help make it simple and profitable for companies to build consumer IoT products and services.

The opportunity for IoT is now

We believe consumer IoT is an incredible growth opportunity for businesses and consumers alike.

We’ve developed what we know is the best, most robust, secure, and scalable consumer IoT PaaS.

Our goal is to enable companies to develop and manage IoT solutions for their customers, so we can all realize the amazing power and potential of IoT technology.

Pepper’s mission is to make people’s lives better by enabling connected IoT solutions.

We believe IoT solutions should be designed and delivered to align consumer needs with enterprise objectives around the following core ideas.

In 2022, the market for the consumer Internet of Things is expected to grow 18% to 14.4 billion active connections. Every device results in data you can capture with the Pepper platform that you can use to scale. Let’s get you set up.


Use data to further delight the user, and the data stays with and belongs to you.

Full-stack, e2e encryption, 24/7 managed cyber security, hosted and stored in the USA.
Any hardware, any device, any use-case, any service
Demystify the tech, installation process. Access to support and optimize user benefits.
A quality solution that delivers profitable results.


Our leadership team’s decades of experience bring vision and ingenuity into IoT solutions.

Scott Ford

Scott is a 25-year veteran
of wireless industry operations
and investing.

Terry Carlton
Head of Operations

Terry is a 30-year operator in large corporations and start-ups.

David Bottoms
Head of Finance

David is a 35-year veteran of wireless industry operations and finance.

Justin Larsen
Head of Technology
Justin is a veteran in leading technology in wireless and fintech corporations.
Steve Bosch
Head of Monetization
Steve is a retail veteran with significant experience in finance and strategic operations.
Kate Rojas
Head of Marketing

Kate is an experienced marketing leader in corporations and start-ups.

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